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Preparation of the wood chipper for operation

Release date:2022-07-30
Information summary:
In order to make full use of the wood chipper and to pulverize more kinds of woo···

In order to make full use of the wood chipper and to pulverize more kinds of wood, we must do the corresponding preparations before using it, which is very important to improve the working efficiency of the equipment. So what preparations should the wood chipper do before running?

1. After the machine is installed, the following checks should be made before starting:

1. According to the specified tightening torque, check whether the flying knife and the bed knife are tightened.

2. The gap between the flying knife and the tunnel should be in the range of 0.5-1mm.

3. There shall be no metal debris in the wood chipper

4. Rotate the rubber wheel by hand for more than one week without collision.

5. The tension of the V-belt is moderate, and the belt cover should be installed.

6. The electrical system is in normal condition.

7. The joints of the hydraulic system are well sealed and there is no oil leakage.

8. The running direction of the knife roller and the feed roller is correct.

2. Run idly for 1-4 hours, observe and check the following items:

1. Whether there is any abnormal sound in the equipment, if there is, it should be eliminated in time.

2. The temperature rise of the bearing shall not exceed 35℃.

3. The base has no obvious vibration, the fasteners are not loose, the moving parts move flexibly, and there is no jamming.

4. The electrical action is accurate and flexible.

5. The load can be cut only after the idling speed is normal.

When you use the wood chipper to produce and process wood chips, you can do the corresponding preparations, do the inspection of each place, and after confirming that the inspection is correct, you can operate the wood chipper to cut the wood chips. With these preparations, we can check in time for any anomalies.

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