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Determinants of comprehensive crusher output

Release date:2022-08-01
Information summary:
Comprehensive crusher is a mechanical equipment used to crush materials. The mor···

Comprehensive crusher is a mechanical equipment used to crush materials. The more common ones are wood crusher, root crusher and wood chipper, etc. However, the crusher can not only crush wood, it can be customized according to the needs of customers. other materials.

The efficiency of the comprehensive crusher can be determined according to the model, the crushed material, the size of the crushed particles and the moisture content of the raw material. Let's learn about these points one by one!

1. Raw material selection: The comprehensive crusher has many functions and a wide range of applications. There are various types of raw materials that can be crushed. According to the different raw materials, its working efficiency is also different, such as some straw, weeds and other materials. It is easier to get up, mainly because the material has a low material density and can be easily crushed, while some materials with relatively high density, such as mahogany, pine and other woods, are not easy to crush. Therefore, the selection of raw materials is still more important for the output of the comprehensive crusher.

2. Water content of raw materials: The higher the water content of the raw materials, the lower the yield. For example, compared with the freshly felled trees, the dead trees must be crushed faster. If the particles are required to be too small, the high water content will also cause The screen is blocked, so before crushing the material, it is one of the powerful means to improve the crushing efficiency that the moisture content of the material must be reduced before processing.

3. The particle size determines the crushing efficiency: this is not difficult to understand. Compared with the wood crusher, the wood chipper must have a higher output, and the smaller the crushing, the lower the output. Leaked from the screen, those that do not meet the requirements will continue to be broken in the engine room, so the output is also related to the particle size.

4. Power problem: The different models of products are mainly due to the different power. Different power crushers should choose the appropriate motor, and do not blindly increase the power. A little carelessness will cause damage to the comprehensive crusher and affect the work progress. Before buying, be sure to explain your power needs to the manufacturer, or you can directly ask the manufacturer to recommend a machine that suits you.

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