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Material wasting chipper blades

Release date:2022-08-02
Information summary:
The equipment used by the wood chipper to cut wood is mainly its blade. It can b···

The equipment used by the wood chipper to cut wood is mainly its blade. It can be said that if the quality of the blade is not good, it will greatly affect our production efficiency. However, some are not a problem with the blade itself, but with the use of it for a long time. The various materials used are cut, so some of them may cause some damage to the device. Let's take a look at the materials that can wear down the blades of our equipment.

1. The sticky substance is very harmful to the blade. When the equipment is running, the speed is difficult to control, and the viscous materials are likely to be affected by the temperature and stick to many places inside the equipment, causing many adverse effects on the equipment, especially damage to the blades. Therefore, we need to clean the wood chipper after use, especially the blades, to avoid the long-term adsorption of this sticky substance and cause the equipment to rust.

2. Generally speaking, the hardness of different materials is different, so the wood chipper has a great influence on the blade when processing high hardness, which may cause a certain degree of wear, and the blade may become dull. We need to polish our blades regularly.

3. This equipment is mainly used for processing wood. Among the common types of wood, Paulownia and other materials are lighter in weight and lower in hardness, which naturally leads to less loss of the wood chipper. The hardness of pine, pear, mahogany and other woods is higher, and the processing time will be longer, which will cause more wear on the blade.

The above materials may wear out the wood chipper blades. Sometimes we have to machine these materials when working with them, so we need to sand and maintain the blades after machining to minimize damage.

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