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What can you not put in a wood chipper?

Release date:2022-08-05
Information summary:
The wood shredder is to shred the waste wood into wood chips. The wood crusher i···

The wood shredder is to shred the waste wood into wood chips. The wood crusher is a crushing wood crusher equipment. This type of machine equipment belongs to fine crushing. Generally, the waste wood is crushed into wood chips, and the waste wood, branches and miscellaneous wood, straw, wood, leftovers, sandwich panels, thatch, etc. Wooden raw material.

Before each application of the wood crusher, it is necessary to check whether there are other sundries in the crushing bin. Do not use your hands or other special tools to pull the material under running conditions. Avoid danger.

In the case of material selection before processing and production, stones, blocks, copper objects and other sundries cannot be put into the silo. Prevent abnormal production. Then, in the case of manual service feeding, it is necessary to ensure that there are no stones, blocks, copper utensils and other impurities in the raw materials. In the case of applying belt conveyor feeding. It is proposed to upgrade the iron removal equipment, and check the sundries into the crushing bin again during the transportation operation, so as to ensure the normal production of the equipment. If an abnormal collision sound is found during the processing, it should be shut down immediately to check whether any debris has penetrated into the raw material. An electric refueling device is installed below the silo. Do not touch to prevent scalding and blistering.

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