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The difference between a wood crusher and a wood chipper

Release date:2022-08-06
Information summary:
A wood chipper is a new type of wood chipping equipment that can shred appropria···

A wood chipper is a new type of wood chipping equipment that can shred appropriately sized logs, branches, leaves and leftover bits and pieces. In general, its crushed material is not very large. In contrast, the size of the crushed material of the stump crusher is relatively large, and it can crush wood blocks as large as one meter.

As for the power of the two, the power required by the wood chipper is not very large, generally between 50-70kw, because the size of the logs it grinds is small, and the power consumption required by the stump crusher is about 110kw, relatively higher.

The wood chipper has the advantages of less investment, low energy consumption, high productivity, good economic benefits, and convenient use and maintenance. The investment of the stump crusher is relatively large, about 300,000, while the former is only about 100,000. In terms of profit between the two, broken stumps are more profitable because stumps are difficult to handle and their cost of acquisition is relatively low.

The above is the difference between the wood crusher and the wood chipper in terms of power and price. We have to decide which machine to choose according to the mass and volume of the broken object.

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