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What is a good wood chipper to buy?

Release date:2022-08-08
Information summary:
This machine is suitable for materials such as waste packing boxes, templates, b···

This machine is suitable for materials such as waste packing boxes, templates, boards, branches, wooden crates, pallets, corn stalks, logs and other waste wood materials and silage crushing. It has more powerful functions, stable and durable, wide material applicability, outstanding functions, and convenient operation and maintenance. It is a good green and low-carbon wood and silage crushing equipment.

The biomass comprehensive crusher can process wood with nails, wooden pallets, waste formwork on site, wooden brackets, tree stumps, waste furniture, branches, wood, formwork waste, house demolition waste, doors and windows, etc. for crushing. The crushed materials are widely used in biomass power plants, as fuel, fire and other biomass fuels.

 It can also be used as the primary raw material for biomass granules, wood-based panels, machine-made charcoal, organic fertilizers, etc. It is also the raw material required by power plants, biomass granule factories, wood-based panel factories and other industries. It is also the equipment needed in landscaping work, free of foundation Operation, the equipment can be operated on the ground, driven by a single motor, saving power and electricity.

The comprehensive crusher is a new generation (wood, straw) crushing equipment developed by our company. It adopts two rotors (hammer type or cutting type), and the output is 1-2 times that of the old wood crushing equipment. 

  The comprehensive crusher equipment adopts the grab-machine feeding, which can be used as fuel for various types of bio-power plants such as template, straw, and branches. Using the remote control operation, or adding the automatic feed start and stop function, when the load of the main motor is heavy, the feed can be automatically started and stopped, which can greatly save labor.

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