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What should I look for when buying a wood chipper?

Release date:2022-08-09
Information summary:
There are many kinds of wood shredders on the market, and their quality and effe···

There are many kinds of wood shredders on the market, and their quality and effect are different. When buying a wood crusher, it is important to understand every detail of the wood crusher and pay attention to what hardware conditions a good wood crusher should have. So what should you consider when buying a wood crusher?

1. Performance of wood shredder: We need to pay attention to the performance of this shredder, which is very important, because the output of the equipment is generally fixed during the production and operation process, but after a long-term production operation, some internal components are unavoidable. wear and tear. If the equipment is of good quality or the operator pays attention, there is generally no serious wear and tear.

2. The output of wood crushers: General wood recycling enterprises have relevant requirements for the daily output, and this corresponds to the output of wood crushers, so first of all, you must determine the daily demand of your own enterprise, and then choose according to this. . Suitable size of wood crusher model.

3. The diameter of the raw material: Depending on the diameter of the raw material to be pulverized, the wood pulverizing equipment will be different. For example, some raw materials with a diameter of about 7-10 cm need to be processed with a 600 type wood crusher, while some materials with a diameter of about 25 cm need to be processed with a 1000 type wood crusher. Once the crushing capacity of the wood crusher is exceeded, it will cause blockage and poor feeding. Through the introduction, there are many types of wood crusher equipment, and the prices are also different. When we choose, we can seriously understand these types and make judgments, which will have a lot of guarantees for our choice. .

After talking about how to choose a wood crusher, we have selected a suitable wood crusher and how to use it rationally and scientifically, so as to extend its service life and eliminate its failure problems. Now there are many wood shredders on the market. It is a shredding equipment that can directly shred wood into sawdust or sawdust. It is a shredding machine often used in the market. Then with the prolongation of the use of the device, the following failures sometimes occur:

1. The crusher is unable to work and is damaged.

2. If it is not started or not powered, the efficiency will gradually decrease.

3. The output of wood crusher has dropped significantly. Under normal circumstances, it can repair itself. First check the electrical outlet, plug and power cord for oxygen shedding and damage. If there is no pluggable power supply to proceed, debug. In the normal production process, if you feel that the output of the wood crusher is significantly reduced, it is necessary to stop the machine for inspection, open the upper cover of the equipment, and check whether the filter screen of the crusher is loose. If not, it is necessary to check whether the hammer of the pulverizer is severely worn. If a similar situation recurs after repeated use and replacement of the hammer twice, the device should be replaced.

In this issue, we share the knowledge of common faults in the work of wood crushers. We know that when operating the equipment, it is recommended that you carefully read the instructions and precautions before using the equipment, and regularly check and maintain the equipment to ensure its safety.

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