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Wood chipper, also known as wood chip machine, is a special equipment for producing high-quality wood chips. It can cut pine, miscellaneous wood, poplar, Chines···


product description / Introduction


Product description

Biomass integrated crusher is a special equipment for biomass power plant fuel reserve and density board plant. The crushing raw materials are mainly all kinds of trees, small-diameter trees, wood cutting residues (such as branches, branches, etc.), wooden pallets, building templates and wood processing residues (such as veneer, lath, log core, waste veneer, etc.), as well as non wood raw materials (such as hemp stalk, reed, moso bamboo, corn straw, cotton and firewood, etc.).

The machine is carefully designed by our company on the basis of more than ten years of manufacturing experience of drum chipper and according to the characteristics of raw materials and the requirements of users for material particle size. It has the characteristics of wide adaptability of raw materials, high output, reasonable structure, simple operation, safety and reliability and convenient maintenance. It has applied for a number of patent protection. It is an ideal biomass crusher in the world at present. 


Technical parameter

Power (kw)90
Capacity (t/h)4-6
Knife/hammerquantity (pcs)333*2/243*2/243*2/243*2/243*2/283*2/32
Knife rotaryspeed (r/min)547556760726726726726726
Input size(mm)


Feature of wood chipper

1. This product optimizes the rotor structure and blade material, so that the output is larger and the rotor maintenance is convenient 
2. The bearings are optimized in the form of labyrinth, so that dust is not easy to enter. The bearings are equipped with automatic lubrication device, which does not need manual lubricating oil filling. 
3. Optimize the electrical system, adopt automatic control and remote control operation, if the upper rotating part of the machine encounters resistance, it will automatically reverse rotation, so as to protect the main motor from high load operation. 
4. The frame of the whole machine is made of square tube manganese steel, which is widened and lengthened to ensure the stable operation of the machine. 
5. Screen mesh size is customized for different requirements on size of end product.


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wood chipper display 1

wood chipper display 1

Wood chipper, also known as wood chip machine, is a special equipment for produc···

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